Effects of Coffee and Alcohol on Skin

Our skin is affected by both external and internal factors. The external factors range from exposure to sun, exposure to chemicals, weather conditions, and more, and the internal factors consist of the specifics of your organism and how they affect the skin. Diet, mental state, and other internal factors are vital for skin health, and keeping them balanced can mean the difference between great skin and problems.

What we introduce into our body is just as important as what we apply directly to the exterior of our skin. Any imbalance in your body or mental state can quickly translate into skin affections, and the solutions may be hard to find. For example, numerous studies have shown that milk contains hormones and other compounds which can directly affect the quality of our skin by causing inflammation, clogging our pores, and even producing or facilitating the production of acne.

Coffee, consumed on a regular or daily basis, has been proven to dehydrate the skin. It is advised that you limit your coffee intake and not overdue it on a daily basis, and try to get your caffeine from other sources such as black tea. Furthermore, if you must drink coffee, you can chose to drink a glass of lemon water after of before the coffee in order to neutralize the acidity of the coffee and reduce some of the effects it will have on your skin.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for your skin, and it is very easy to do as well as you simply must drink water on a constant basis. Also, try avoiding coffee based fizzy drinks and sports drinks as they contain a wide variety of chemicals and preservatives which are not good for your health.

Alcohol is another major enemy for people who are looking to maintain a youthful and healthy look to their skin. Any type of alcohol leads to dehydration which affects the skin in major ways. Spirits and other alcoholic beverages with high alcohol content dry your skin up very quickly and can also cause hormonal imbalances if consumed on a regular basis.

When drinking alcohol, always try to drink a glass of water in between classes of alcohol. If you do like drinking and cannot avoid it, your best choice would be red wine, as this drink actually helps your skin maintain its elasticity and youthful look. Red wine contains anti-aging compounds which protect your skin. Be advised that you should not overdue it with the red wine, because everything in excess can cause more harm than good.

Try drinking only pure water or natural, freshly squeezed juices for optimal results in your skincare routine. Water is the most important ally for your body in order to function in perfect working order and to maintain your health for years to come.

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